The Clariface® Story

Clariface was founded with one single mission: to develop effective skincare products that deliver results. Clariface Therapies and products target the root of the problem and not just the superficial effects of skin care issues. This formed the foundation upon which each Clariface product is developed. At Clariface, we provide our clients with long term solutions for short term problems.

Clariface products go deeper than just clearing your skin from the superficial effects of skin problems. For acne problem skin, our therapy doesn’t just dry out your acne. It eliminates the acne bacteria to stop acne from ever coming back again.

For dry skin, our therapy doesn’t just moisturize so your skin feels hydrated. It goes deep in to your skin cells, calms any sensitivity and cell damage that may be causing the loss of moisture from you skin, strengthens the skin barrier to minimize transepidermal water loss and enhances the skin’s natural ability to absorb moisture in to the cells.

For skin rejuvenation and anti-aging, the process is even more complex. Skin becomes aged and dull due to the body’s decreasing ability to repair its self on a cellular level. The Clariface® Cell Restore therapy utilises a unique and industry first formulation technique that combines 2 different plant stem cells. It penetrates deep into the skin’s epidermis to reverse the effects of cellular damage and rejuvenate the skin to heal from within. The treatment jump-starts the repair process of the cells that form the skin themselves. It reverses the damage done to the structure and DNA of the cell so it may operate at its most optimum level. The skin will start to feel more supple, brightened, revitalized and young.